Monday, November 21, 2011

Is there a doctor on board?

It finally happened. In 30 years of flying, including many intercontinental flights, I've never been a passenger on a plane where the flight crew asked for medical personnel. But while our plane was delayed on the ground in Brussels, the announcement came over the PA. (This has happened to Dr. N before, but it was the first time since she's been a doctor.) The flight attendants looked a little surprised when the two of us stood up, and we were overkill anyway: two other medical folks were already at the patient's side. Looked like wooziness after low blood sugar, normal vitals, and the patient walked back to her seat. So, no dramatic improvised chest tube at 40,000 feet -- this time....

(Historical note: long-timers at this blog may remember that one of the earliest ben-bob comment threads was on this very topic.)

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