Monday, July 2, 2007

"ERAS Electronic Token 2008"

Today my e-mail brings me a message titled "ERAS Electronic Token 2008." Wow, a token! I wonder what I can use it for? Consumer electronics? A bus ride? Ah, this cryptic and unexciting phrase will take me on a ride, all right, but not necessarily an enjoyable one....

Those of you who had the misfortune to be hanging out with me while I was applying to medical school a few years ago may remember me referring to something called "AMCAS" (often prefaced with an adjective that shall not be reprinted on this family-friendly blog). This was an online centralized application system for applying to most medical schools, and was a source of much bitter amusement during that stressful, coast-to-coast slog.

Well, the time has come to begin the process of applying to residency programs, and that means it's time for another online centralized application system--ERAS! This evening I tried to log on for the first time, and after being scolded with a rather judgmental error message ("Bad ERAS login") began to enter my biographical data, info from my CV, etc. Then if all goes well later this year I'll be putting on my suit and heading out for interviews at residency programs.

It's pretty exciting, actually, but why is this tiny voice in my head whispering that all may not go as smoothly as one might hope...?



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