Thursday, September 20, 2007


This evening there was a big meeting for the fourth-year medical students about the upcoming interview process for residency positions. My residents were very nice about letting me leave clinic early for it--in fact, I got to go about an hour early, specifically to have a chance to go read about orthopaedics. Well, I wound up sitting in the cafeteria eating a cheeseburger and yukking it up with a bunch of other med students, quite obviously neither attending a meeting nor reading my ortho text. So who should I spy sitting two tables over? My chief resident and another resident on the team, grabbing a quick bite before afternoon rounds. Ouch.

The meeting itself was a bit stress-provoking. Plenty of reminders of how much this is going to cost (multiple flights, hotel stays, and car rentals all over the country) and plenty of reminders of how competitive this is going to be (dozens of bright, accomplished young high-achievers vying for each spot). Ah well, I guess if it was easy it wouldn't be fun.



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