Friday, August 10, 2007

On-call Liveblogging: Waitin' on my baby

This post is comin' at ya live from OB call. I've been on-call or on duty since yesterday (Thursday) morning, and I'm on straight through until end-of-day Monday. My mission? To deliver a baby. I did a few on my OB/Gyn rotation last winter, but I've been hoping to get some deliveries here in Sioux City. Unfortunately, I'm having no luck at all. As soon as I walk onto the Labor & Delivery floor, everyone's contractions stop. A couple of days ago I got within about 90 seconds--I was gowned and gloved and getting into position, when baby's heart tones crashed and the attending ran into the room, ordering emergency equipment. Both mom and baby did fine, but it wasn't a delivery for a med student.

So wish me luck and think fecund thoughts on my behalf.

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