Sunday, February 3, 2008


Just back from an interview in Chicago. On Thursday the trip, usually four hours, took eight hours because of heavy snow. Saw many potentially nasty accidents; at one point I thought I saw an oncoming car that turned out to be the headlights of someone who had done a 180 and was stuck half in the fast lane, facing oncoming traffic. Made it to Chicago in one piece but it was snowing again in the morning, so hard that I was half an hour late to my interview. (The program people were very understanding.)

In general Chicagoans drive well in the snow, but at one point I wound up behind a dude in a Lexus with vanity plate Big Gear. Sadly, Mr. Gear's only snow driving strategy seemed to be to step on the gas. I watched him spin out and careen all over the expressway, at one point fishtailing into a line of oncoming snowplows. Fortunately he regained control just in time and my nascent trauma management skills were not put to the test. I have to admit, it's the most exciting trip to an interview I've had yet.

(Many thanks to B and Cali for their hospitality.)

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At February 6, 2008 at 5:32 AM , Blogger michaelg said...

There you go again thinking of that pesky hippocratic oath in the face of natural selection at work.


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